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Advertise On Get Paid to Shorten Url - Earn Money

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Get Paid to Shorten Url - Earn Money Website Stats
Alexa Ranking: 2196601
Average Pageviews Per Day: 427
Average Daily Unique Users: 276
Average CTR: 0.1029%
Member Since: 3 June 2013
Website Owners Description: - a URL shortener is a free URL shortening service with a twist. you get paid to share your links on the Internet!
What is paid url shorteners? Paid url shortener are unique advertising menber program that allows people to modify their own url or link so they can be able to get paid from them. The services is based on pay per click system. Paid url shortening sites work with advertisers to get their ads seen in variety of places on the internet.

How does paid url shorteners work? As a blogger or social media regular poster or online affiliate marketer, you often put links on your blog or social media website that that links to other sites for example, if you are trading links or linking to an affiliate websites. You can easilly register for free as a member in - high paid url shortener then shorten your link on their site and then post the modified link on your website, blog, YouTube, Facebook or twitter profile. When people click on the link they will go where you want them to, but because of the added code, they will see an ad for 5 seconds first before redirecting them to your link destination page. When someone clicks on the link, you get paid($10.00 per 1000 clicks). $0.50 is the minimum payout through Paypal.
Any Ad Restrictions? No
Does This Website Have Any Adult Content? No
Language Of Website: English
Where Will Your Ads Appear? top, header
Types Of Ads Available: Image
Website Tags:
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