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AdHitz now serving more than 1 billion ads per month

2 Oct 2011 07:47 pm
October 2nd, 2011 is pleased to announce that for the month of September we served 1,057,187,478 ads (Over 1 billion impressions) on 536,085,234 pages. This is the first time that AdHitz has reached 1 Billion ad impressions for any month. These numbers are an example of our continued growth and support from our growing member base.

AdHitz was formed in November 2009 and has shown continued growth month after month since it's inception. We're working on a new and improved look, quicker ad serving platform, new ad formats and much more (coming soon), we're sure that AdHitz will no doubt become a world leader in the online Advertising Industry.

AdHitz is currently seeking publishers located anywhere in North America. For more information please submit a helpdesk request and we will get back to you asap.

AdHitz is a privately owned company based Rome NY.