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New Update to Network Ads

20 Mar 2012 05:10 pm
We have just made a small update that gives you more control over your paid Network ads that you have purchased with us. We now give you the option to pick what websites to show or not show your paid Network ad on.

If you have recently purchased a Network ad with us and it's still active, please login to your account. Then click on Advertisers > My Network Ads. Then on the far right side of the page just above the ad it says:

Published On: Network (xxxx Sites)

Where xxxx is the number of sites your ad has been viewed on. Click that link with the number of sites. A list will open with a green check mark on the far left of all the sites that your ad has been shown on. You have the option to only display the websites where your ad received a click, or all websites where your ad was shown.

Clicking on the green check mark will mark the website as blocked and that is represented with a red X. Your ad will not be shown there until you come back and click the red X again to enable it (turning it into a green checkmark).

This option is only if you have an active paid NETWORK ad running with us that you purchased. This does not apply to site specific ads or to our publishers showing our ads.

Please login to your AdHitz account and have a look at this new feature. Please do not disable all websites because then your ad will receive no clicks or impressions. We suggest that you use this sparingly or if you do not like one of the sites that your ad is being shown on.

Please login here:

Thank you
The AdHitz Team