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AdHitz Update, We're live again!

6 Dec 2017 10:49 am
Members, when we announced on November 7th that we were going out of business, we received a huge out pouring of support and many offers to purchase AdHitz. I am pleased to announce we have a buyer and all AdHitz services have been reactivated.

The new owners have informed me that they will soon add Paypal for incoming and outgoing payments but, for the time being though, Payza will be used. I will continue to manage the site until the purchase is finalized, which should be completed in a couple weeks.

If you previously had our ad zone code on your website but removed it, we ask that you login to your account and generate new ad zone code for each site you want to display our ads on.

Also, if you deleted your websites and wish to have them reactivated please submit a ticket and we reactivate it ASAP for you.

We appreciate your support and we are excited that AdHitz will have a bright new future.

Thank you
Jim Grago