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Payoneer added.

29 Jan 2019 01:30 am
We have added Payoneer after much fighting with them because they refused to allow us to deposit money into our account we have found a way to get money in our account. Because of the way we have to do it this method of may have some differences.
Depending on how many users set there cashout method to Payoneer, cashouts will be sent on a first come first serve based with an attempt to send as many as we can. If we are unable to send all of the payments that are requested on the 20th we may be able to pick up any that we had inadequate funds for and send them on or around the 15th.

If only the users that really need to cashout with this method use it though I don't see this being an issue. But if for example 75% of our site owners switch to this then we will have these issues and is why we would like to point this out.

We have another cashout method coming soon as well World Wide Bank Transfer, We are waiting on the coding to be completed and we hope that it will be done before the end of the month.