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Country Geo Targeting And Categories.

13 Apr 2019 03:48 am
We have added a new feature that will allow advertisers to purchase ads that are targeted to just 1 or more countries of their choose. This was requested by many advertisers and as such we have responded to the request and added it to the system.

To take advantage of this all you need to do is create a new network ad, scroll down to the targeting section and pick "Show My Ads In These Countries Only". This will show you a list of all Countries.

*TIP* Here is how you find the country you are looking for rapidly, After picking "Show My Ads In These Countries Only" on your keyboard press CTRL+F this will popup the Find feature, start typing the country you are looking for, as you type it will start to move the scrollbar until you have typed enough that you have eliminated all others on the list and are at the country you wanted.

Click the checkmark to the left to add it to the list you want your Ad to be shown to, you can then if you want to target more countries hit CTRL+F again and again start typing the next country, you can do this for each country and you can add as many counties as you like to be targeted. Target 1 or target 100 it's up to you.

Advertiser may have noted that we now have a few categories listed on the advertise page, this is due to some sites requesting that we allow more types of ads.

Unfortunately not all sites want to see all types of content and as such we needed to add a way to sort out that content for them sites that wish to not have it. The categories will do that for us. We will add more as time goes on or the need arises.

All advertisers should pick the correct categories for their ads. We reserve the right to reject any ad that we feel don't fit with the network, for example on the adult category we will not approve full nude ads or any ads depicting sexual acts or body parts, Please keep even the Adult ads simi-clean and tasteful.

The AdHitz Team