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CTR Is now important and its importance will only grow.

7 Jun 2019 01:53 pm
The Popularity of AdHitz has begun to grow again, and we have been hard at work adding new features and options over the last 6 months, things are getting better.

The Issue.
We have run into an issue where many site owners are getting lots hits to there pages, but they are not attempting to improve the click rate and are relying only on their high traffic to get the attention of advertisers.
Relying on Timed ads, only the site owners have no obligation to deliver any clicks to the ads that are purchased. Often will not only drive traffic that does not click but also many times will allow way more ads then they should for the number of clicks being delivered and as such reducing the already small amount of clicks that are being provided.

What it causes.
This has caused significant issues with many advertisers as we have had to stop ads and refund many of them due to way worse than what could even be called a "Poor" Click rate. The Loss of funds for the Network of sites as a whole and the angering of advertisers is not acceptable.

The Solution.
We want to provide an excellent place for site owners to earn from there traffic, but we can't do that at the cost of the advertisers. We must provide a balance where both the site owner and the advertiser wins not just one or the other.

To that end we have made a few changed and will be making more as needed, the ones we want to point out here today is "Click Through Rate" or (CTR).
You can have Millions of ad impressions, but if no one is clicking, you're doing something wrong.
The Sites in the Site ad Catalog were set to sort by "Average Daily Unique Users" or (UNQ), and that's it, that is until now.
The new default sort method will now be "Click Through Rate + Average Daily Unique Users" or (CTR+UNQ)

The Click through rate is essential and will become even more important as we as some of the other features as time allows.

As for today what this means is the Sites that have High traffic and have a high VALID click-through rate will end up being at the top of the list.

We have also added the CTR on the browse list and on each sites individual pages, More details about the traffic and the sites will be added when time allows to these pages as well.

If you have a terrible CTR Please try to improve it, move the ads up on the page, try to mix and match, add up to 4 ads per page but don't use all the same ad sizes, use a combination of ad sizes. Don't place ads where bots may be able to click them, this can lower your Valid CTR because they will likely get screened out.

Note: Make sure you have adequate traffic and clicks on your zones for the number of Site ads you allow at the same time, Too many with timed ads and you risk advertisers being unhappy. Unless you have a ton of traffic, try to keep it to 2-3 at most in rotation at once. If you are using cost Per click, you may be able to up that number a bit.

If you own a blog on your individual blog posts, try to surround your content with 4-5 ads or but keep it under a Max of 30% of the page's content as ads, or you risk Google blocking All ads on your entire site, Google is very Anti-Banner Farm now a days. (See this post for more info about Google blocking ads on sites that have too many ads on them.) Ad above the post, ad to the right or left of the blog post and always end your post with a nice sized advertisement like a 728x90 or two 300x250 would be good. A way for them to move forward is important, There are only two options when finishing a blog post, Forward or Back, Back almost guarantees they will be leaving your page, Give them a way to go forward preferably into another of your blog posts or an ad.

Alternatively, you can try searching youtube or the web on best methods to optimize ad placement.

We hope this will help advertisers find sites that will get the results they want, and we hope we can shine a light on some of the websites that have been hidden gems for a while now as well as help to spur some of our other sites into improving their quality.

More to come...
The AdHitz Team

Take a look at the new sorting method here.