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(Updated 10/9) Technical issues

1 Oct 2019 05:14 pm
We are Experiencing Technical issues after a server move to a more powerful server. The new server should help handle the increased load of the new sites coming online.

We are aware of the issues and are working to correct them.

DNS Issues (Fixed)
SSL certification Issue (Fixed)
Numerous Miscellaneous Issues (Fixed)
Ticket system (Fixed)
Ads being displayed (Fixed)
Random 500 Errors (Fixed)
Outgoing Email, Password reset email, Validation email, System Ticket email (Fixed)
Browse Sites Catalog (Fixed)
Ensure Cloudflare is working fully with the new setup (Done)
Payment Issue found with a few payments that Failed to be sent (Fixed)
Reported from one site 400 Error ads not displaying, Unknown why just that one site? others? (Fixed)
Ad Clicks Display bug not showing clicks in the front-end (Fixed)
Best Buy Stats (Fixed)

Watch for anymore Issues. (Pending)

The AdHitz Team