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Skrill Payout Added.

3 Dec 2020 05:57 pm
We have added support for Skrill as a Payout method.

At this time we only support Payouts and do not accept Skrill automagically via the shopping cart. This took a lot of paperwork to get added but there was a number of website owners that wanted it added. The Old owners already had an account they used from other websites they own. Being new owners of the site and not having ever having a merchant's account with them we had to setup a whole new account and the red tape to do so was massive, like nothing we have seen up until now.

**Note if you wish to use Skrill for the payments coming up in a few weeks you need to update your account and you need to open a ticket to have it changed or it will still be sent to the old account info that was in place on the first of this month when they went pending.

I suspect that as we add more of the modern Ad Network systems there will be more of this corporate red tape to get through, that should be fun....

Now, If you are an advertiser and really want to use Skrill to pay for ads then you can add the ads to your shopping cart and contact us via a support ticket. We can give you the details to send a manual payment and we will complete the order for you by hand until we add support for accepting payments as well.

*The minimum order via Skrill manual payment to do this needs to be $25 or more.

The AdHitz Team