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Planned Downtime for Upgrades

31 Jul 2022 05:47 pm
As some may be aware, we have been working on a completely new website for some time now. The code for this website is ancient and has been modified hundreds of times. By the many different owners over the years. Upgrading the website's code is exceptionally long due to all of the leftover junk and not using code that needs to be sorted every time we change something.

Some time ago, we decided we needed to upgrade our system to modernize the code used on our site. The upgrades would allow us to add new features like real-time bidding and make other improvements to the system that would enable us to integrate with other large networks.

After many tens of thousands of dollars invested and teams of developers working on coding the new platform for over two years, we have arrived at the time when the site is mainly done. We expect issues and things that need to be fixed as we can only do so much testing ourselves with non-live data. We feel that the new site is up to a point where we can run the live site on the new platform.

We have purchased a new and more powerful server where the new site will be hosted. It is being set up to house the new site now.

Step One shut down the Live site.
The shutdown target is expected to happen around the 3rd or 4th of August. (The time frame will become firmer as we get closer.)
The downtime is expected to last 4-6 hours or less.
All site functions will cease, including ads.
Finish transferring any remaining data.
Step Two Change the domain's DNS IP address to the new server.

Once the IP address has propagated, you will see the new site.
All your data will have been transferred, including your login info; logging in should be seamless.

The front pages that are viewable by anyone without logging in are minimal as they were deemed not to be significant features required to launch. As such, they will be finished after the launch. The basics are there but not much else.

The new front-end members area is entirely different. You should expect a bit of shock when logging in. You will notice the menu on the left should be close to the current site in the names of the pages, but the navigation is a bit different. Everything is much more graphical. The member's area UI may be polished more when we have the front-end finished.

Again we expect there may be issues after the upgrade that will need to be addressed—Please bear with us as we try to bring this site into the modern age.

What is next after the upgrade?
Bug fixes, RTB (Real Time Bidding), An Ads.txt area targeted for specific sites in the member's area to automate the updating, Categorizing websites for integration with RTB and CPM partners, feature request board, and much more.

This upgrade has been a long time coming, but we have finally arrived at the end of the beginning. Looking forward, we see struggles integrating with the modern world, but we also see great things to come.

The AdHitz Team