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AdHitz payments are processed monthly on the 1st (Set Pending) and sent on or around the 20th (generally within less than 7 days after the 20th) for earnings of the prior month provided that your account balance has reached the minimum payout level. ($25.00, you may select a higher minimum payout if desired).

If your account balance is less than the minimum payout you selected, earnings will carry forward until such month as you have met the minimum payout requirement. All accounts are subject to anti fraud screening before a cashout is approved. If fraudulent activity is detected clicks can be reversed and or your account removed for abuse. All Clicks are Manually Reviewed prior to payments being sent.

If you have not set your payment method yet you should do so now. To set the method you would like to be paid with go to

> My Account >

> My Profile (Or Click here to go directly to it.) >

> Method (Pick the Method you would like to be paid with >

> Below is a Text Field (Fill out the field with the appropriate info.) >

> Payment Threshold (Adjust the the Min you would like to reach before a payment is sent if you wish, otherwise leave it as it is) >

> Update Account (In the lower right corner of the page is a button, click it to save)

After you have set the Payment method you will need to wait for the next payment cycle to come around. Your cashout will be moved into pending status and we will review it and pay it at the appropriate time. Keep in mind that we do not make payments on weekends or holidays and if the 20th falls on one of them the payments will be done at our earliest convenience, likely the next business day.