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Note: For Very low traffic websites complaining that your not earning every day or every time you have a tiny blip of traffic won't help. If your site users don't click the ads then you won't earn anything. We recommend a minimum of 1000 or more users viewing your site per day to have a high probability of earning from them each day. If you have less than that you should expect to not earn a lot and expect to not earn every day. It should also be noted that if you earn less than one cent in CPM earnings they won't be shown on the stats until you have reached one cent.

We recommend that you place ads on areas on your site that will be most visible and useful for your users. Placing your ads in these areas will often result in the best performance for your advertisers, and strong performance from the ads on your site will encourage advertisers to buy more ads there.

Also keep in mind how your site is designed, most western countries design their site with the main content in the middle and the controls to the left as most of them read Left to Right. Placing banners in the center and to the left often will preform better then banners placed to the right. To get full coverage you should place larger banners to the right since they are looking left less then they are right i.e. 120x600 and 300x250 are good options to go on the right side of pages. 728x90 are good for headers footers and breaks in content like between paragraphs and such. 300x250 can also be worked into text content by aligning them to the right or left. 468x60 banners can go about anywhere. 125x125 fit well below menu content and should be for best results kept on the left side of the site.

Experiment to find what works best for your site and layout but this should give you a basic idea.

If you are still having issues earnings another option would be switching from Image ad zones to Text ad zones, on some sites text ads preform as much is 500% better whereas other sites its the other way around having Image ads preform better. Trying them both out one at a time in most cases if you have adequate traffic it should be obviously what ad type works best. You may even opt for a combination of the two.

Please Note: you should try to keep the amount of Ads Vs Content under 30% of what is on the pages. More then that can be considered a Banner Farm and is looked down on by us and advertisers. Having more than 30% of the content or having intrusive ads on a page being ads will cause all of your sites ads to be blocked from being displayed on your site by google. You can see more about this here.

Introduction to the Ad Experience Report

Finally some example of embedding images for Blogs so they don't leave huge spaces here are some examples of how that would work. Try not to breaking up the flow of the page by putting big banners in the middle of the content and not having the content at least surround the ad leaving huge chunks of unused and awkward space.

(Example: Example#1 Or Example : Example #2)

These kinds of spaces not only look bad and distort the flow of what they are reading but they also point out the ads and allow for them to be completely ignored very easily. You can Use Align Left and Right and the image or Code with resize and move the text out of its way in most cases very easy.

(Example: Example #3)

If you can't do that like in the case of an Ad Code Script then you can always use a DIV or a P to do the same thing just by adding some styling into it.

(Example: Example #4) (Note in Example #4 The Align Left uses four px numbers, that is in order from left to right, [top, right, bottom, left] whereas the Align Right only uses one px number and that one is All 4 sides, you can use either method whatever is easier for you or suits your needs)

Other than cleaning up the placement there is not much more I can tell you other than do some research on how best to implement ads on your type of site.

Also see the second instalment of optimizing earnings here. >>>