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Is there a minimum amount I have to earn before receiving payout?
When will sold ads appear on my site?
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What will be displayed in my zones when no one has purchased an ad on my site?
Where should I place my ad zones on my website, blog & optimizing earnings.?
How long do I have to approve or reject an site ad?
What does Minimum Spend mean on the ad form?
Why publish text ads?
What are banners?
Can I click my own ads?
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How many ad zones can I have per page?
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My Balance Decreased, Why?
How does AdHitz detect proxies and vpn's, What service do you use?
How do I set what type of ads show on my site?
Where should I place my ad zones on my website, blog & optimizing earnings. #2?
How many ad zones can I have per page?

The maximum amount of ad zones you can have per page is 4. You can mix and match the ad zones per page. For example 2 text ad zones and 2 image or 2 image and 2 text. If you add more than 4 ad zones per page, only the first 4 added will be displayed.

Please Note: you should try to keep the amount of Ads Vs Content under 40% of what is on the pages. More then that can be considered a Banner Farm and is looked down on by us and advertisers. Having more then 40% of the content on a page being ads could also exclude your site from having some ads show on your site in the future.

NOTE: You MUST keep the TOTAL number of ads on each page below 30% of the content or Google can and will now block ALL ads on the entire page.

Here is Info about there blocking:

And Here is the standard they go by: