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Is there a minimum amount I have to earn before receiving payout?
When will sold ads appear on my site?
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What will be displayed in my zones when no one has purchased an ad on my site?
Where should I place my ad zones on my website & optimizing earnings.?
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What does Minimum Spend mean on the ad form?
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Your website already exists and cannot be entered again?
Ads are not loading on my website. SSL / Other?
My Balance Decreased, Why?
How does AdHitz detect proxies and vpn's, What service do you use?
How do I set what type of ads show on my site?
Your website already exists and cannot be entered again?

Possible cause.

A. You already have added it and it is active on your account.

(What do I Do?? There is No need to add it again, do nothing.)

B. You already have added it and it is NOT currently active on your account.

(What do I Do?? It was Deleted by you or suspended by the AdHitz Staff, Open a Support Ticket to see if you can get it restored.)

C. You have Never added it to your account before, But it is still on another user's account see case A or case B as described above.

(What do I Do?? If you are the new owner of the site but you can't add it, Open a Ticket and tell the AdHitz staff you have purchased the domain and are the new owner but can't add it to your account. Ask that they approve a domain transfer so you can add it.)