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Is there a minimum amount I have to earn before receiving payout?
When will sold ads appear on my site?
Can I set my own price?
How do I sell Text ads?
How much should I set my ad pricing for?
What will be displayed in my zones when no one has purchased an ad on my site?
Where should I place my ad zones on my website, blog & optimizing earnings.?
How long do I have to approve or reject an site ad?
What does Minimum Spend mean on the ad form?
Why publish text ads?
What are banners?
Can I click my own ads?
Why can't I see ads on my or other website(s)?
How many ad zones can I have per page?
How do I delete an Ad Zone?
What does Max Ads mean?
Why are there ads running on my site when there are no ads listed in my account?
How do I paste the ad zone code into my website?
Can I use AdHitz ads in my PTC site?
Why aren't my website stats showing?
Where can I send potential advertisers to show them my website details?
What are "Text Ads"?
Why isnt my website listed in the directory?
Your website already exists and cannot be entered again?
Ads are not loading on my website. SSL / Other?
My Balance Decreased, Why?
How does AdHitz detect proxies and vpn's, What service do you use?
How do I set what type of ads show on my site?
Where should I place my ad zones on my website, blog & optimizing earnings. #2?
Ads are not loading on my website. SSL / Other?

Possible cause.

Primary Reason: A. SSL, You are using ssl on your website. I.e.

(What do I Do?? In the code you generated remove http:// from the beginning of the URL inside the src= area this will force the ad code to use ssl and the ads will now show. Alternately you can also try switching the http:// to https:// if the first method don't work.)

B. Something is interfering with the code being added to the website.

(What do I Do?? There is not much that can be done from our side as this is a site issue, you could go to the page where you think it should be and open the source code [CTRL+U] and then search [CTRL+F] for adhitz to see if its even on the page. If its not then either you have a cache issue and the pages cache has not been updated yet [see if there is a way to reset the cache for your site?] or there is something actively removing the code. You would need to consult a coder to find what is removing it. If it is there but not showing any ads see Reason A above.)

C. You are trying to add the code to a subdomain. (i.e. You added your site "" or "" then you tried to add the ad code to something like "")

(What do I Do?? Each subdomain must have its own site, add it as its own site at, Home › Publishers › My Websites)