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Is there a minimum amount I have to earn before receiving payout?
When will sold ads appear on my site?
Can I set my own price?
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What will be displayed in my zones when no one has purchased an ad on my site?
Where should I place my ad zones on my website, blog & optimizing earnings.?
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What does Minimum Spend mean on the ad form?
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What are banners?
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How do I delete an Ad Zone?
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Can I use AdHitz ads in my PTC site?
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Where can I send potential advertisers to show them my website details?
What are "Text Ads"?
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Your website already exists and cannot be entered again?
Ads are not loading on my website. SSL / Other?
My Balance Decreased, Why?
How does AdHitz detect proxies and vpn's, What service do you use?
How do I set what type of ads show on my site?
Where should I place my ad zones on my website, blog & optimizing earnings. #2?
My Balance Decreased, Why?

The most common reason would be Manual reviews of ad clicks.

All ad clicks are reviewed prior to payments to insure the highest quality of the clicks as some clicks that are not allowed get through the automated filters, this can also happen not just at this time of the month but also other times if there is an ad in question and the clicks are reviewed some of these clicks may be reversed sooner than right prior to the payments being sent, just depends on the situation when they get done.

The cleaner the traffic the less this happens the dirtier (Bots,Proxy,VPN and so on) the traffic the more this will happen, but in general even if it's only a few clicks every site will likely have at least a few clicks reversed upon manual review until we add more filters to catch these clicks we will always do them by hand to insure you get the most click credits without compromising what the advertisers are looking to buy so that both the publishers and the advertisers get the most they can.