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Is there a minimum amount I have to earn before receiving payout?
When will sold ads appear on my site?
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Where should I place my ad zones on my website, blog & optimizing earnings.?
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What does Minimum Spend mean on the ad form?
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How does AdHitz detect proxies and vpn's, What service do you use?
How do I set what type of ads show on my site?
Where should I place my ad zones on my website, blog & optimizing earnings. #2?
Where should I place my ad zones on my website, blog & optimizing earnings. #2?

<<< Also see the first instalment of optimizing earnings here.

Don't place ads way below the fold, like an afterthought oh we will throw these in to fill the space up.

Try heat maps this will show you what your users are doing and seeing.

Here is some info on them,

Also as a rule landing pages/index pages if you wish to earn from ads then the ads need to be in the top 25% of the page

(468x60 or even 728x90 work well for this) (Examples of our sizes we support right now: Ad Sizes) and if you like on the left or right side of the content. (Skyscraperl 120x600 or Small Square 125x125).

On sub-pages you can do the same thing and if you have room you can bury a 300x250 in the content on inside pages aligned left or right. Here is an Example

The Idea is to have ads in view but not too much BAM LOOK AT ME. Things like pop ups and overlays that you have to close and so on fall into that BAM category and are intrusive types of ads. Too many of these and google will block all ads on the domain from being seen.

Try to keep your pages less then 1 to 1.5 times the fold. HD and the normal pc resolution is 1920 x 1080

So 1080 - 1620, anything lower than that is stuff you don't care if they see like footers and such. If you need to chain the pages of content together by adding links at the bottom like "Keep reading >>>" or "Continue >>" or "Also See XYZ Here >>>" and such.

The more you control their path the more you can place ads along it.

Also don't place the ads in the same locations on every page. If you do like I showed above, on the next page reverse them two so the top on is to the right rather than left.