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4 Reasons Why Users Don’t Convert and how to combat them.?

-User experience is not smooth

Some landing pages are very messy; we bet yours is not. However, even a great landing can become a conversion killer if you miss some essential points that may repel a user and make them leave. What are they?

Unusual navigation, Non-working elements, No mobile screen adaption, and Auto-played videos.

Stick to classical navigation and keep it simple

Make sure everything works fine

Mind the mobile audience

Avoid being too intrusive with auto-played sounds and videos.

-Your page doesn’t inspire trust

Many times users will leave because your site is not secure. Nowadays, people want the websites they are on to use HTTPS and are wary of any that don't use it. However, not all customers are Internet savvy, so you might need more proof than HTTPS. They may be asking themselves, "Is this a Scam?"

Add positive reviews and testimonials.

Mention guarantees or money-back features

Promise to keep data safe and private and that you will never sell their data.

Make sure your landing page is protected and safe. Show it to users very clearly.

-You make a user perform too many actions

Imagine seeing an excellent custom chef's knife from a maker you've always wanted to have. You grab it straight off the shelf and rush to a counter: all you want is to pay for it and happily leave to use it while cooking dinner tonight. However, a store assistant begins to pile you with questions: 'What is your name?' 'Where are you from?' 'What is your phone number?' 'Can I get your email address?' 'How did you find us?' — and so on.

This made-up example is exaggerated, but it's something similar to what you can accidentally do to users when collecting their data. Make sure you are not overwhelming them with more than you need.

Break down the complete set of questions into smaller parts. Don't frighten a user with a long list of questions: create several steps instead.

Use visual elements to make the form more engaging.

Check the user journey at the offer. Some offers imply a mandatory registration at a product owner's website or suggest filling out too-long forms. It may repel users too. Keeping the registration form practices in mind, go through the entire user journey before you start working on the offer.

Make a form clear and convenient to fill out.

Don't stick to offers that have complicated requirements for leads.

-An offer doesn’t have enough payment options

The only solution here is to have as many payment options as possible — or at least accept the most popular ones for a particular GEO. However, it's not you who accepts the payments. What can you do?

The only way is to do research before sending traffic to an offer. Whatever it is — an iGaming site, a paid app, an online store — check the available payment methods for customers to decide if the choice is good enough for most users to convert.

Do your homework before you take an offer. Check what payment options are available for a product you promote.

Try looking at your offer as if you were a user. Yes, you can't please every single lead from your overall traffic — but there are some pretty evident party killers that spoil things more often than the others.

We Hope these tip will help you improve your ROI.